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you back in los angeles. >> we'll be waiting, rob. have a safe flight. thanks so much for watching, everybody. thanks so much for watching, everybody. good night.
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live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> new tonight.a community on edge after a rape and a right now.officials are calm fears in santa cruz. plus, new at east bay fears. after what has been a violent week- and a half for u c-santa cruz. a woman was beaten and raped on campus last sunday. and a student was shot in week. kron 4's j.r. stone is live in santa cruz tonight. where a community meeting is being held right now. j.r.? >> reporter: committee of
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these students are still upset about the recent violence. >> i think that a lot of people are very scared. >> we are not familiar with this area so i wanted to get some the affirmation of how i could be saved. >> this is my second semester here and i never expected that to happen here. >> we are nervous because of we're in here from out of town. and if this were to ever reach us on campus is just a bit too much. >> it is worrying that you walk to your car in the evening. people are suggesting to go with a friend. >> instead of going out i am more sting in because what is going to happen if i go outside? i would say to
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myself. >> certainly the top of the campus this room is not packed. around 50 people. they are not only students but administrators, students and teachers and are all concerned. they represent a larger portion. the police chief spoke trying to update people on what happened. and were they are in the investigation. that they have increased patrols and down a number of things to try to catch these people. to make sure that this does not happen again. hohokam also, they are talking about having a night escort service. if you feel on state you can call this escort service to help you get from where you are going. the rape case right in broad daylight. and the shooting case happened at
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7:30 that would not have even been into effect. however, the meeting is still going on as we speak it is the talk of the campus. reporting live and santa cruz, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: new tonight at 8. one suspect is at large. but, police say, his partner is in jail tonight, after a santa cruz family turned an early kron four's rob fladeboe reports now. on how the family pulled together. >> reporter: back. yarri gonzalez, histheir two daughters. yarri says they were fast asleep about 4:30 wednesday morning when two men, whom they have since dubbed 'thug' and 'weasel,' barged into their bedroom and demanded money. >> he had me get out of bed and in the meantime, one
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held a sword to my neck. >> reporter: one man went after yarri with this sword while the other man held a screw driver to his wife's throat while trying to tie and a computer cable. during the fight that ensued, the couple's 12- year-old daughter escaped to a neighbor's who called 911. the couple have some cuts and bruises to show for their trouble but no regrets. when they arrived, police found that one of the invaders had escaped but the other was at the bottom of a dogpile with th gonzalez family on top. >> at a certain point of flight wind out of them. my wife sat on the torso. and the cops showed up. >> this person is in jail and his partner is still at
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large. they are trying to protect their home. in santa cruz riob fladeboe >> tonight, the mother of a ten- month old castroville girl found dead. is speaking out about the tragedy. susan morales says, the last time she held her daughter. angelle negron. was two weeks ago. she says, a family friend. 47- year old jesus "jesse" espinoza. took her child to disneyland. but the little girl never made it there. instead, her body was found tuesday morning. underneath an overcrossing just outside salinas. now angelle's mother is looking for answers. >> "my daughter doesn't deserve this. she's only 10 months old." >> "let us know if it was accidental. anything that he did. why would he want to harm my baby. he loved her." >> pam: espinoza was arrested monday night and taken back to the monterey county jail.
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and now investigators -- along with angelle's mother -- are trying to piece together exactly what happened. developing news tonight. in the sonoma county triple murder case. police arrested one suspect -- mark cappello. in mobile, alabama on february 14th. now. police are looking for two more people who might also be involved in the killings. believed to be the result of a marijuana deal gone bad. kron 4's grant lodes is here. he has new sureillance photographs of the persons of interest. grant? >> these images were taken at a gas station in saint helena the day before the murders. let's take a closer look. here's one person of interest. a bald white man - looks to be middle aged. the other, a younger white man with a beard. we'll give you a couple different angles of the persons of interest. station in saint helena.
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investigators say the persons of interest were driving a gold early 1990s ford ranger with truck bed cover. authorities think the men are from the denver area.they were seen at service stations from colorado to the bay area. it's believed a marijuana deal went bad, which led to the triple murder. >> pam: new tonight at eight - an east bay watchdog group is suing several companies - including target - for selling children's mats. which the group says. contain toxic chemicals. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the mats are commonly used in daycare facilities throughout the bay area. >> i have a 4 year old, i was horrified to find when company sells nap mats they have these toxic chemicals in them. >> reporter: michael green
8:10 pm
with the center for environmental health. is talking about the tests the oakland watchdog group conducted on these, nap mats commonly used in daycare faciltilities. >> here is an example of a the typical test. we cut out the foam and sent it, it contains the chemicals we are alarmed about. >> reporter: and it wasn't just one mat, but the tests performed by an expert at duke university found the problem was prevalent. listen to the results. >> 22 out of 24 had one. green says the chemicals are known to cause a wide range of health risks for children. >> one is even banned. take a look here. see this
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tag, green says parents or other caregivers should inquire at their child's daycare facitlity to check for themselves to see if the mats they are using these mats. >> see how it says polyurethene. >> reporter: green says already one company has agreed to pull the mats, they are working with other manufacturers, in the meantime, they will continue with their lawsuit, for the sake of all children. terisa estacio, kron4news.. >> pam: new tonight at eight the streets of san rafael could be getting much more tidy. thanks to a new program that will pay homeless people. to help clean up the city. kron 4's scott rates shows us how the program will work. >> reporter: the city manager telling me this program will provide food, clothing and cash to the homeless here on these
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streets in exchange for helping keep the city looking sharp! last night the city approving funding to bring in the non-profit organization downtown streets team. the $272,000 one year program will create a 12 person team made up of homeless individuals here in san rafael. the team members will work about 20 hours a week cleaning side-walks and streets. in return they will receive $100 a week for food and housing the downtown streets team already has successful programs in palo alto and san jose, the san rafael city manager says the homeless problem here has gotten so bad something had to be done >> we will have always had downtown facilities to help the homeless. lately, however there is been a larger number. our citizens have been concerned that we need to do more.
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and the cities portion of that $272,000 price tag will only be 47k because of several donations the city hopes that this will be stepping stone for homeless people that want to work, helping them move into a more permanent higher paying job scott rates, kron 4. >> jacqueline: it was a bit warmer today. 49 in san francisco. 30's expected tonight. the skies are clear and it is breezy. and it will remain breezy. 20 m.p.h. to half moon bay. notice, it is dying down. and clear skies in place. this chilly night expected again tonight with a patchy frost. and less when'd tomorrow. slightly warmer temperatures it is going to
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feel warmer than today. this weather will stay dry. with the chance of rainfall over the north bay. >> pam: ahead at eight. controversy over nightlife in san francisco's nob hill. why some residents are calling for a ban on new bars along polk street. plus: this latest cold storm dumps snow. we'll show you how much has fallen in tahoe. and: where monster goldfish where spotted here in northern california. next.
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>> developing right now.a tense standoff in southern california after two deputies are shot. two san diego county deputies were shot late this afternoon in encinitas when they approached a suspect wanted for stealing a car. that suspect fired at the deputies. has a severe leg injury and is in surgery as we speak. the other took a bullet fragment to his forehead -
8:17 pm
both are expected to survive. but this suspect has now barricaed himself in an encinitas home. the suspect is holed up, saying he'll shoot any deputies who try to enter the home. we'll keep you posted on this developing story out of >> pam: some controversy near polk street in knob hill they say that there are too many of them. >> reporter: the bar after bar after bar. there is one on nearly every corner on this section of polk street. the board of supervisors been introduced legislation that will put a cap on california street. some neighbors complained about the crowds and agree with the proposed law.
8:18 pm
>> the last couple of years it has gotten really bad with trompe people drunk- people getting in fights, and throwing up. you see the party bosses, and the traffic just gets crazy. it is really wild out here. >> the restaurants are operating like nightclubs. and retail stores have turned into bars. there was never enough not-and of this amount before completely irresponsible management and board needs to be done. hohokam byblos this section of town is actually coming back. now it is becoming revitalized. mainly in part because of the bars and restaurants. we do not
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recognize that this is a problem. our board of directors will oppose this and we will also oppose this if they do. >> this will only take effect if it is approved by the board of supervisors. felicia reid, kron 4. winter weather has returned to the tahoe area, with nearly all of the ski resorts reporting fresh snow. kron 4's charles clifford clifford has a look at the conditions. >> reporter: after several weeks of dry weather, the ski areas around lake tahoe are now reporting typical mid season conditions. with spring break on the horizon, they are all happy to get some new snow. to the north of lake tahoe, this was the view wednesday afternoon from squaw
8:20 pm
valley. they're reporting an inch of new snow over night and 4 inches over the past 24hours. they now have a 26 inch base at the bottom of the mountain and 97" mid mountain. to the east northstar has seen 5 inches of new snow over the past two days, they now have an 84 inch base. around south lake tahoe, heavenly is reporting five new inches of snow and kirkwood received 8 inches over the past 24 hours. so most ski areas around lake tahoe are reporting mid season conditions. there is a possibility of some snow later this week and if you're headed to the sierra in the near future caltrans is reporting that road conditions are clear. in the newsroom, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: we will see this cloud cover to overnight. there is the rain we will not get any of that but the clouds will still
8:21 pm
show some cool conditions. that is the purple on your screen. temperatures getting into the 50s and even low 60s. for the north bay and the in the valleys. and watching futurecast. it will be a bit warmer with temperatures in the 50s. yes it will be cold 30's through santa rosa. 33 in livermore. some frost expected in those locations. how 40's along the coast and for the afternoon 50s and 60s tomorrow. less wind. it will still nice and the south bank. and 59 degrees in livermore. a bit cooler along oceanside. and 60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with a drive for the next couple
8:22 pm
of days. in the will get more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. as we go towards next week with the warmer weather is expected. >> a new growing problem - aquarium dumping. these tiny goldfish that used to be somebody's pets are ending up in lake tahoe. and as you can see have become a monster problem. they are growing bigger and multiplying. and environmentalists. are worried. the giant goldfish are reaching a foot and a half long. they are non native and researchers are pulling them out of the water in more numbers than they care to see. giant goldfish are turning up in lakes an streams around the world. scientists think it's the result of people emptying fish bowls. and in lake tahoe they say this invasive species confirms a new threat to the delicate balance of nature. you've heard of ship-wrecked wine? well now a winery in napa is submerging its wines - on purpose. the idea is not just to
8:23 pm
chill the wine - but see if it tastes better after spending some time under water. mira winery of st. helena submerged four cases of cabernet sauvignon in a harbor to see how the ocean affects the aging of wine. wine makers have long known that wine recovered from sunken ships has a unique taste and the sea is thought to have something to do with it. they've experimented with deep water wine in europe but it's a first here. if it passes the taste test in three months - you'll have a chance to buy underwater wine here in the states. >>gary: coming up if you evertournament being snowed out? tiger woods could not even get out of his car today. and another pitcher linked to steroids. >> a round about coming up in the richmond section in
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8:30 pm
this is not a true round about because it contains stop signs. which might as well be yield signs beice many driver see the circle and miss the fact you know what i'll let steve tell you. >> steve: oh, about three am and apparently you ont have traffic calming measures but >> i'm from south africa we intrgued when i say them putting this one in it was don't quite get it, >> yea i seen people turn abouts, but for some drivers more planned.
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violent crime is a continuing problem in oakland. the oakland police department now says help is on the way. this is near pleasant hill. we received police sketches. they apparently pistol whip one of the residents based
8:33 pm
tool cash, a laptop and handguns. grant lodes, kron 4. >> of violent crime continues to be a problem in oakland. tonight, the oakland police department is saying that help is on the way. after laying off 80 officers back in 2010 due to budget department is once again accepting applications. years old or older, you are welcome to apply. however, a new minimum age requirement is on the horizon. >> the chief is going to change it to 25 years old. there is a lot of responsibility working in the city of oakland. we like to have a work of the service with a little bit more life experience. college or military. if they do not have that l least some type of life experience before they sign on and become a in oakland police
8:34 pm
officer. brigha >> pam: the oakland police department will graduate an academy class next month. then start an additional police academy in the spring. and another later in the fall a livermore mother, convicted of having sex with young teenage boys, could be facing more charges tonight. kron 4 news has learned christine hubbs is now under investigation for cyber- bullying one of her victims. our justine waldman has the details. kron 4 news has learned police want to know if christine hubbs.seen here from an earlier court apperance. is behind a vicious cyber bullying attack against one of her victims. the posts and comments mentioned violence. >> "when it got to the point that they were threatening harm against one of the boys that is when it crosses the line from free speech to a criminal act." >> reporter: here is timeline of events. just days after being released from state prison for having sex with teenage boys.on friday hubbs is arrested again for a parole
8:35 pm
violation. possesion of porn. on satuday at 10am. the threatening posts. are spotted by the victim. scared for his life. he calls police an hour later. police then start their cyber-bullying investigation and the posts suddendly disapear from the internet. >> "our curiosity is did christine have anything to do with it did she iniate this cycle. not that she is online or anything like that but did she in it." >> reporter: if police make arrests. it would happen this week. in livermore justine waldman kron 4 news. brigh >> pam: the bridge district launched a new outreach program today. to help commuters get ready for the removal of toll takers on the golden gate bridge. in just over a month -- all tolls will be collected electronically. today, drivers paying cash got informational cards back along with their change at the toll booths.
8:36 pm
the leaflets explain what drivers' options will be, when the system kicks off in late march. new l-e-d signs were installed on top of the toll plaza structure which will remain in place despite the fact the booths themselves will be empty. >> there will be a 27 ft. sign for drivers, such as " keep moving ". or don't stop " to. >> pam: and more signage is on the way to let motorists know the new signs were made to be highly visable. even in the rain and fog. >> new details on a fiery explosion and fire in a kansas city restaurant tuesday. we now know that at least one person. an employee. has been killed. and there are questions about whether authorities tragedy. >> catherine: it was happy hour at j-j's restaurant when the explosion happened tuesday. only minutes before.several employees had been evacuated. it wasn't soon enough -- the fire sent 10 employees and several others to the hospital.
8:37 pm
and one waitress apparently didn'it's believed that a body found today is that of 35- year-old megan cramer. the kansas city mayor acknowledges that there could be more victims. >> work continues at the scene to make sure that we have done everything. >> catherine: as for the cause, while the investigation continues - a contractor may have hit a natural gas line - causing the explosion. and it's troubling that neighbors say they had smelled the strong odor of gas an hour before the explosion. >> every tank worked the way that was supposed to work with our first responders doing an outstanding job. >> catherine: some even indicating that they had noticed a gas smell days ago. but some say it was 'not' and outstanding response. we learned today that the fire dept. had actually been on the scene about an hour before the explosion.and instead of ordering an evacuation -
8:38 pm
they left after talking to an employee of the gas company already on the scene. the gas company has not responded publicly. and the mayor says it's too early to point fingers. catherine heenan, kron 4 news >> brand new, dramatic surveillance video out of kansas city, showing the gas explosion that started a massive fire. in national news tonight. president obama is considering weighing in on gay marriage here in california. the administration is considering whether to urge the supreme court to overturn the state's gay with one dead, 15 injured. this tragedy in an upscale shopping district in kansas city. health officials have
8:39 pm
issued take a look at this. cameras were rolling in san bernardino county. as cars slammed into each other. one after another. along a major interstate. snow and icy conditions being blamed for the eight car pileup. reported. the california highway patrol advises people to slow down because some roads are icy. >> a winter storm dumped snow on parts of arizona today. up to a foot of snow fell in the city of flagstaff. a winter storm warning was in effect for much of the day. schools in the are canceled classes for the day the national weather service says snow is in the forecast there until friday. a a >> jacqueline: and a nice rebound in temperatures today a bit breezy. cooler but not bad. as that storm pressed through. temperatures in the 40's for the most part. 44 in daly
8:40 pm
city. 40's in san jose, of vallejo. mostly clear skies for the afternoon. and this evening but the clouds are increasing with this system. the very weak system is impacting us from the north. no rainfall but is headed towards the bay area. it will keep us a bit warmer for the overnight hours. mostly clear in chile. patchy frost overnight. tomorrow, clear skies and a bit warmer. he will be nice. with a chance of rainfall returning. >> sony took the stage in new york city. that is coming up gabe slate tech report
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update. news that several top federal reserve officials are having doubts about continuing the central bank's efforts to keep borrowing costs at a low-- has sent a shudder through investors. the dow lost 108 points to close at 13-thousand- 927 today. the nasdaq dropped 49 points to close at 3- thousand-164. and the s&p 500-- had its biggest loss of the year-- falling 19 points to close short of one-thousand-512. >> with police station 4 8 ple place station play station 4. the day a lot of gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived conference in new yorkwhere they unveiled a new gaming slate fills us in
8:44 pm
this was more of a sneak peek the test showed the most and talk about what it could do. no officials on the actual council. they will probably unbelted in los angeles and a couple of months. perhaps in the month of june but first what is going to be offered to gamers. with third-party services, with a network of devices, smart phone and social media. sony promises that this will be much faster. it will power on and off, instantly. and saved data. this cloud service will also be launched. to add to the experience and social networking. it has
8:45 pm
partnered with facebook to share preferences and history. it has a share but and. they share of the last couple of clips of their recent activity. no images have been released. the only concrete detail the offered was available this holiday season. >> a baseball player, linked to steroids. and this golf game snowed out
8:46 pm
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>> jacqueline: we are going to enjoy the nice weather for the next couple of days with showers returning to the north bay. cooler temperatures part for now, upper 50s and satellite and radar showing clear skies. . mean it could be a bit warmer for the overnight hours. but rather cold in santa rosa, 30's. 37 in concord, livermore. 30's and '40's for the bayshore. and near the coast. the areas of patchy frost. for the afternoon temperatures will warm a few more degrees. 50s and 60s in the south bay. 60s in campbell. 50s in san jose. n 59 in santander,
8:49 pm
castro valley, walnut creek. 62 to concord. and 55 in ocean beach. 63 degrees in napa. we did see some new snowfall over the last 24 hours but it has tapered off this system will largely remain dry. the chance for snowfall on saturday. again we could see some rainfall in the north bay. light, if any. temperatures next week will be rebounding. and let us check out your report. snowfall totals. with one half feet at tahoe.
8:50 pm >> gary: good evening, everybody. this is one of those things that as a was walking up here. i was handed something from the los angeles times they are reporting that major league baseball has provided the oakland a's with tentative guidelines for a potential move to san jose. all that means is that they are getting closer to the san francisco giants still, holding the territory rights. until they okay it. larry pier had no comment but to the letter very least, the system gone on for the last couple of years. responding. one more time, it does not mean that they are going tomorrow or even in 10 years but at the very least. according to the los angeles times there are
8:51 pm
tentative guidelines for the move to san jose. and to give credit, joe did a great job letting me know. and legitimately, he could have a career in news. and a good kid. that is what i'd like to do is work with young talent. >> jacqueline: he is already the executive producer. >>gary: this player jordan norberto has been linked to
8:52 pm
this florida clinic possible steroid use. people are saying rodriguez and compare that is where they get their stuff. john hickey talked about the relief pitcher. >> there's not much to understand because there are no charges. there are just a report card we are still in a state of limbo until we have more knowledge. >> a i think this guy has a lot of potential. he had a good year with very trying circumstances. not knowing how baseball is played quietly over here he is strong, smart, fast. i think that he could be a real big player on the national stage. >> would be surprising if
8:53 pm
they repeated the show from one year ago? >> it would be because their talent is sold deep and consistent. they have power. to steal bases. it would not surprise me. >> only six more weeks what do you think might happen? one was last time you saw a golf tournament snowed out? you could not figure it out. the detroit open? [laughter] this is just outside of tucson. tiger woods he got out of the car and he said forget it. so, tiger woods
8:54 pm
was getting ready to play but he was snowed out. they received 2 in. in one hour. the warriors, are at an intermission, 57-49. and around the league lebron chains.james-p.j., was once upoa time a head coach however, he was choked he will get another chance in new jersey. danica patrick practicing for 2013 daytona 500 the first woman to ever and
8:55 pm
a pole position and nascar. the daytona 500 on sunday. they are pretty big shots in their own right. with one question after another danica? >> to the drivers think that she has an advantage? because of her weight. >> in racing? i have never asked her. and that is a lot of guts to ask that question. andsabres fire lindy ruff coach lindy ruff sabres file this is jacqueline's second favorite hockey team to never give up. people trying
8:56 pm
to get the hockey puck they finally got that. >> he did not see the hockey puck. >> gary: i am sorry but this is just the sports not editorial la [laughter]
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>> >> good night well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.

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